QP Group strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced Transformer and Switchgear Maintenance.


About Us

The Corporation was formed in 1990's and established its HEAD OFFICE in Alberton North and the Workshop in Alberton. During the later part of 2001 the corporation re-structured its operation into business “sectors” largely to accommodate its growth as well as meeting our clients’ needs.

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Welcome to QP Group

Purification of Transformer and light industrial oils Supply and Repairs to High and Low Voltage Switchgear Panels Commissioning Mini Subs and Transformers HT and LT Maintenance and Cable Fault locating + Infra red Scanning and own Laboratory in Alberton.

The management of the business leads to the appointment of highly qualified personnel as “heads of departments” each being run as its own business unit and instituting its own management and quality controls, who has been trained to service this business sector and mining industry for many years.