QP Group Oil Division


The benefits of Oil Purification can not be measured as it is cost effective and saves money and down time.

This service is a COMPLETE PLANT SUBSTATION MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME and includes the following: Gas Analysis, PCB Analysis, KV, PPM and Acidity Analysis (24 hours service)

Over a period of time all oil in Service collects Dust, Dirt and Water as a result of the process of normal wears and tears.  This results in a change in viscosity of the oil (Hydraulic Oil) lowering of flash point(Quenching oil) rusting of components excessive of components decrease in equipment life unplanned breakdown – Loss of Production high oil replacement costs.

These can be criminated by regular oiltesting or by visual inspection of the oil if water or solids are detected; using QP ELECTRICAL Oil purification service can clean the oil “onsite on load” oil must be replaced in a system without flushing outthe system.  If the oil is purified while the equipment is working, most of the deposits that have collected in the piping can be removed as well.  The purification service does not remove any of theadditives or inhibitors.


Cost of replacing oila Time saved Breakdowns eliminated Life of equipment extended Increased efficiency

No waste disposal costs The very latest and automated equipment is employed to produce results in accordance to the required S.A.B.S. 555 and SABS 780 and according to Eskom Standards and international standards. (Not SABS 555 approved) Our ORHVS is accordantly to the OSCH ACT and Eskom training procedures.